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We have a special guest for this week’s podcast – Dr. Richard Smith, whose portfolio software TradeStops has helped thousands of investors to maximize their potential upside while slashing risk aggressively, down to the bone.

Yesterday, 14,000 people signed up for his free online presentation where he revealed his latest breakthrough.

It’s called ‘Ideas’. Learn more at

Porter makes sense of Facebook’s dramatic selloff last week, and why he’s advising his readers to continue holding the stock for now – even though he’s telling fence-sitters not to enter new positions of Facebook just yet.

Buck brings up the latest in the PC culture war – a bid to rename what may be the most liberal city in Dixie.

Featured Guests

Richard Smith
Richard Smith
Dr. Richard Smith, the founder and CEO of TradeStops which is a web-based stock tracking and alert program that synchronizes and tracks online portfolios to empower individual investors to enjoy managing their own investments.