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Everyone’s rattled. It’s one thing to understand the logical argument for Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s “Melt Up” thesis – but that doesn’t mean weeks like this, while historically normal, are fun to watch. With Friday morning bringing on another down day as tech reported weak earnings, plenty of brand names are trading significantly lower than they were Monday morning. The way our analysts see it, that means a lot of bargains are out there for investors who see them for what they are. In a choppy week for markets, Buck calls in Extreme Value editor Dan Ferris to give his take on what this signals for stocks – and in a week where all sorts of quality companies are trading at discounts, where the biggest opportunities can be found. He’s also joined by his chief research officer Mike Barrett, who specializes in finding potential – and hidden land mines – that others don’t see in companies, thanks to his ability to get “up to his eyeballs” in SEC filings and obscure documents.

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Dan Ferris
Dan Ferris
Editor, Extreme Value