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Buck Sexton is riding solo in this 73rd episode of Stansberry Investor Hour, where he dives right into the latest political controversy – Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test revealing herself to be anywhere from 1/64th to 1/1,024 Native American.
Besides the silliness of the “Fauxcohontas” story, it’s one of the most remarkable acts of political selfishness of our times, coming as it does 21 days before the midterm elections and starting a conversation Democrats don’t want to be having.
On the other side of the spectrum, there’s the Khashoggi debacle. Buck describes some tendencies the murdered journalist had you probably won’t hear described in the mainstream media, from the Muslim Brotherhood to interactions with bin Laden.
Later on, buck welcomes this week’s guest: Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the deputy assistant and strategist to President Trump, and author of the new book Why We Fight.

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka
Dr. Sebastian Gorka
Sebastian Lukács Gorka is a British-born Hungarian-American military and intelligence analyst, who was a deputy assistant to US President Donald Trump in 2017.


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Buck Sexton: Hello, everybody. Welcome to another fantastic episode of the Stansberry Investor Hour. I am nationally syndicated radio host, TV personality, and general debonair man about town Buck Sexton. I do not have with me this week the usual cast of characters. I do not have the one and only Mr. Porter Stansberry which is obviously very, very disappointing. I don't even have Country Club Guy because they have whole kingdoms to run and things to do.

So this week you just get me. You get the finance student and the politics experts, although I guess everybody these days is a politics expert, so what does that even really mean? We are gonna get into some of the latest news of the week. I'll talk to you a bit about the meltinar that's coming up and my expectations for what we might get to talk about there, and we'll get into some mail bag. We also think, we hope we may have a very special guest joining, but yeah, this is gonna be a little bit of a different show 'cause I don't even have Country Club Guy to make sure that we keep it on the rails. He had to last-minute go check out something else.

We've got an awesome show for you. We've got amazing things to talk about. Let's just say that at a minimum we will get into the Elizabeth Warren controversy, also known as "Fauxcahontas." We'll talk about the Khashoggi debacle, and then when I'm expecting in the midterms. We'll maybe discuss a little meltinar, we've got our special guest, and maybe who knows, maybe Country Club Guy will realize that he's leaving me in the trenches taking grenades here and he'll call in just to say hi or something. Who knows? It's a wild, wild world we live in.

So I just wanna start for those of you who aren't totally up to speed on this with what must've been the most blatant, unnecessary, unexpected political own goal, political self-inflicted wound I have ever seen in my life, and that is Elizabeth Warren, democrat, senator from the state of Massachusetts, a state where I actually went to college, so I understand the loony liberalism well of much of Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Warren has had this problem for a while. She's a big progressive. She's a wannabe Bernie-ista, definitely gets right in line there with Bernie Sanders, free college, the rich, anybody with money to invest. So all of you listening, Elizabeth Warren not big fan of yours, okay? Neither is Bernie. Definitely wanna take more of your earnings, more of your bank account.

So Warren has had this whole thing going on for a while where she is a champion of the people. That's what she's always been doing. She's doing the kind of Marxist populist thing, and she is generally considered one of the biggest contenders for the 2020 election on the democrat side. People like Elizabeth Warren on the left, and I'm not a fan. I don't find her charming, I don't find her interesting, I don't find her smart, but other people like her.

She had been a professor at Harvard Law and then had managed to parlay that into a Senate seat up in Massachusetts, very, very blue state of Massachusetts, but she's been dogged for a while by a controversy. That controversy is that Elizabeth Warren had claimed on many, many, many forms, forms that one fills out for the purposes of being at a university, college stuff, in the law school directory and so officially speaking, the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard had listed Elizabeth Warren as a Native American.

Now if you've ever seen Elizabeth Warren you would say, well, that is about as white as a Midwestern woman or any woman for that matter could possibly be. She is as white as white gets. So it struck some people as quite strange that she in fact was claiming Native American heritage. And as you know, because of the obsession with diversity on college campuses and in the curriculum, if you are in fact Native American you have a huge advantage when it comes to getting hired or getting into the school as an applicant if you're a student.

So everyone saw this and thought, okay, this is pretty clear she gamed the system. And she has fought back against this publicly for quite some time, and President Trump has very memorably gone out on the campaign trail and called her Fauxcahontas. She's Pocahontas. I think he's called her a "fake Indian." I mean he has been hammering her on this, essentially saying that the senator from Massachusetts who is one of the five most likely in most of the polls that I see democratic nominees for 2020 had committed not just racial fraud but really built her career on racial fraud. That is in fact what the allegations.

And so she figured – I can't make this up – she figured that the best thing to do would be to go through some sort of a DNA test or to have somebody do a background investigation of her lineage and then release those results. Now nobody was forcing her to do this. This isn't like, oh, there's a longstanding – this isn't like presidential candidates with their tax returns or anything else. This isn't a situation where she was responding to a public clamor.

We are weeks away from a midterm election. The republicans are hoping to – and we'll talk more about this in a few moments – the republicans are hoping to keep the House. I think they will keep the Senate. I think they actually will gain seats in the Senate, but it's gonna be tough for them to hold the House. And for Elizabeth Warren to not wait until after the midterms to do this just seems like malpractice on its face.

But the bigger problem was that she released this analysis of her heritage done by some academic who's famous for either looking at the lineage of people from migratory flows and she essentially proved beyond any reasonable doubt, Elizabeth Warren proved that she is not only not Native American, she is less Native American than most if not all of you listening to this broadcast. That Donald Trump himself is likely to be more Native American than Elizabeth Warren, because Elizabeth Warren's DNA or her heritage or background based upon family tree and all this other stuff is anywhere from 1/64th to 1/1,024th Native American.

If it is in fact 1/1,024th Native American, if it goes back ten generations, and we're talking about somebody who was saying she had a Native American ancestor around the time of the pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock, that's a long time. By the way, nothing but white people in-between that, just lots and lots of generations of white people, and that's a best case scenario.

Now you would think that if she saw those results, especially because nobody was forcing her, this wasn't like a polygraph and she had agreed to take it and she couldn't back out. You would think that if she saw those results her next move would probably be to say, "Okay, you know what? I'm just gonna keep quiet about this", but no.

In political malpractice that is on a level I've never seen before, Elizabeth Warren decided to drop these DNA results, those of you familiar with the "drop the mic", right? She's like, "I'm gonna drop the mic. I've got these DNA results and now we can finally put it to rest this controversy. I do have Native American heritage." She did, and this is what they said, "have strong evidence" that there was Native American background for Elizabeth Warren.

And then when she released the actual information it was insane. It was laughable. It was preposterous. She is likely not even vaguely Native American. She does not belong to any established tribe. The tribes do keep registers. They do keep track of this. She was based on the overall U.S. white population less Native American then most average white folks in this country. Six to ten generations back she may have had a Native American ancestor, and they didn't even compare her DNA to Native American DNA.

They compared her DNA to the DNA of people from Central and South America under the academic explanation that when the people who crossed the Bering Strait during the Ice Age when you could do that, that they are similar, and so the DNA of people in Central and South America essentially is close enough to the DNA of people in Native American communities in America, and so blah, blah, sure, let's say that this means it's analogous for Native American DNA. It's just crazy. It's crazy.

Any normal human being would read the results she put out and say, "Uh, so you're telling us you're definitely not Native American." And remember, folks, this is not some random person. This is somebody who wants to be the next President of the United States, oh and specifically, 'cause I know it's the Investor Hour, who wants to tax the crap out of all of you listening to this. I mean just go to the next level. If she wants to go 70 percent capital gains tax I'm sure she'd be down for it.

She doesn't ever really talk numbers because if she did it's like the Bernie Sanders problem. "It's gonna be free school, it's gonna be free college, free everything, free housing, free healthcare." "Excuse me, Mr. Sanders, that's gonna cost about $30 trillion." "$30 trillion? Whoa, that's a lot of money." All of a sudden his whole thing starts to fall apart and he's not really able to make sense of it all anymore. So Elizabeth Warren had the media initially running these stories of, "Yeah, she put it out there. She's quieting Trump with her results. She's taking steps to silence."

And everyone goes, taking steps to silence? She's giving Trump a gift. She's giving the republicans a gift. Here's one of their most prominent far left progressive politicians in the country who apparently has no ability to do basic math, has no understanding of probability, generally socialists aren't good at math, it's true. She's holding this out there like she's done some great service and she's proven that – it's just insane.

And then it forced people to look back into her life story a little bit more and they figured, oh, hold on a second, you mean to tell me that you claim – this is true, by the way, for the control, and they might've heard this one – Elizabeth Warren, senator from Massachusetts, white as white can be, and now we know based on her DNA, too, submitted a recipe to a cookbook of Native American cuisine called, I'm not making this up, Powwow Chow. She listed herself "Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee" when she submitted the recipe to Powwow Chow, which is just fun to say, and it's a real thing which is amazing in and of itself.

Not only did she do all that, the recipes she submitted involve crab and fresh tarragon and was stolen from a French cookbook, and she just plagiarized a recipe from a French cookbook and said that it was a Native dish that had been passed down in her family, and she sent it into Powwow Chow. So she was really living this fantasy life of Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee, she really was, and sure enough she's now been called out on it.

By the way, I think her political aspirations are done. I think she's finished. I do not think that we will be entering a world where Elizabeth Warren can be anything other than a senator from very, very blue, very, very left-wing Massachusetts. It was just remarkable this week. I mean Trump was, oh, he was on Twitter, he was calling her "Pocahontas" and "fake Indian." I mean he was throwing everything at her.

It just goes to show you, if you're gonna make a big play like that, you better read the fine print. You better know what you're doing. That's what I got for you on Elizabeth Warren. Now let's talk about Khashoggi. Some of you are probably much more interested in this story.

So just by way of quick backstory in case you're not up to speed on this one, and again, those of you who want financial insight and information, go to the meltinar. Go to, that way I'll get credit for it. See what I'm doing here? Cross-pollination. you can sign up for the meltinar. So you're gonna hear from Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, he's one of the smartest guys out there, on October 24th.

So really what I'm telling you is if you want your financial insight for this week, sign up for that meltinar event. Here's the abbreviated version of what we're gonna be talking about. There have been these melt-up moments, these huge surges in the market when everything is going up and things are going up so fast and people think oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I can't keep going, but I'm gonna get in anyway. Well, you've got to understand if you're gonna get in, when to get in, what to get in on, and how to get out.

It's one thing to say, "Oh, the market is going crazy, it's going up." Okay, fine, but people like me, a novice investor just learning from the Stansberry folks, I'm learning from the best, which is cool. I am the Daniel San to the Mr. Miyagi, but I'm learning as I go through and the meltinar event is gonna lay it all out for you, and it couldn't be at a more important time because this market really, really, really shoots up, there's an opportunity to make a tremendous amount of money for folks, but if the market then has that huge correct that people have been worried about for a while, you wanna make sure you don't get caught up on that.

So that's October 24th. That's when that event is gonna be, so please, Sign up for that and you will be joining us.

So on to politics national security, might be things I actually know about. So you got Khashoggi who is this – people refer to him as a journalist. He writes opinion columns. He's a Saudi national with some very interesting and some would say somewhat troubling ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Also had met and been acquainted with Bin Laden back in the old days of the Soviet Afghan War, had some very close personal ties to the Saudi regime. He was writing opinion columns sometimes for the Washington Post.

Anyway, he's in Turkey a couple weeks ago and he goes into the consulate. He's trying to get a divorce finalized. He wants to get remarried. He goes into a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Never comes out, and his fiancé is waiting outside. Fiancé is actually there and realizing that something has gone very, very wrong. Since that has happened we've had all this reporting including from the Turkish government saying that they have proof of this.

Now we haven't seen the proof and you can't trust the Turkish government really, either. You can't trust the Saudis, can't trust the Turks. Even our own government gets it wrong sometimes. So we're still in the phase of really figuring out what's going on here, but I can tell you that the overwhelming bulk of the reporting on this suggests that Khashoggi was murdered, cut up into pieces, and his body disposed of, and may have been tortured before he was murdered. And the Turks are saying that there's video and even audio to prove this, and this is so beyond the pale.

Of all the places for this to happen, international relations, for a consulate to be used as an abattoir, for a consulate to be used to chop up and murder somebody because they're a dissonant, he had been a critic of the Saudi regime, I would note not the harshest critic, not the most vocal, not the one that was necessarily hitting closest to home, but he had been a critic of the Saudi regime for quite some time and also knew them pretty well, had personal connection to them. So we don't even know what the beef is here, what spawned this terrible event.

I mean I'm 99 percent certain he was murdered. Remember, Saudi Arabia is where they hack people's heads off in the public square with a semetar still. They do that. That's how they execute people. Homosexuality punishable by I believe death, certainly punishable by a public flogging. Christianity; you can't build any churches in Saudi Arabia. Can't have any other faith that is expressed publicly in Saudi Arabia. It is a totalitarian regime. It just happens to have a lot of oil and we've been selling them a lot of missiles and a lot of munitions for a long time, and now we get into the what are we gonna do about it?

Bipartisan lack of courage in challenging the Saudis in any meaningful way. This has been stretching back for decades. Now because, for those of you who are _____ energy sector you already know this, because of the shale oil revolution and the fact that you have global oil prices at such a lower level compared to where they were, what? See, this is where I need P here in the house so he can tell me. It was probably early 2000s it was dropping very, very high, and now because of oil prices a lot of these petrol states, Saudi Arabia, Russia, they don't have the same geopolitical sway that they once did.

They're in a very different place now, and that means that we have this moment of, hold on a second, we can have a very different relationship with the Saudi regime. We can have a very different way forward with them as a partner in the Middle East. The Saudis have been the biggest exporters of terrorist ideology, of Islamic radicalism in the world, period. Saudi Arabia is number one even more so than Iran. In terms of terrorist training it's probably in – well, right now it's Pakistan is where the most terrorists are getting trained, although Syria is up there.

There's a lot of places unfortunately where there's radicalism being taught and added to that skillset of being a terrorist, but what's a – and also here I would wanna speak for Porter if I could, but I can't. I have a feeling though he would say how much do we really wanna make this our problem? If the Saudis wanna act in this brutal fashion, remember this is not a U.S. citizen. It is not on U.S. soil. How much is this really our problem? Sure we should condemn it. It's disgusting, it's barbaric, it's terrible. Barbaric and terrible things happen all over the world.

Saudi regime on a regular basis engages in barbaric behavior. This is the same country where a girls' school was on fire and the Muthawas, which is the religious police there, locked the gates. They couldn't escape and girls died, burned to death, or got a smoke inhalation, young girls, 'cause they didn't want them to get out of the building without properly covering themselves. So Saudi is a totalitarian hellhole in many ways.

I know it's very wealthy and people say, "Oh, Buck, no, but the U.S. compound is there and people have spent a lot of time there telling me that there's drinking and _____ and all that." Yeah, but I'm talking about what's out in the open and what's official government policy. So what's a proper response to this Khashoggi phenomenon now? What do we do?

No one really has any answers yet. you've had Secretary of State Pompeo go over to Saudi Arabia and ask them about it. He doesn’t seem like he's all that confident that he's gonna get the straight scoop. People are very concerned that it's gonna forever change not just America but the world's relationship with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman, MBS. MBS is 33 years old and sure, if you were to actually gauge his net worth he's probably one of the richest people in the world, and he, not the king, the king is an old, decrepit guy, doesn’t really do much anymore. He's trying to keep breathing, but Mohammad Bin Salman is the guy who's been running things and he had this whole charm offensive.

Remember, Trump's first foreign visit was Saudi Arabia. So he has this whole charm offensive going on, Mohammad Bin Salman, where he's trying to say that there's gonna be reforms and the Saudi king is gonna change. Well, never mind the reform is not coming fast enough. If in fact this is what really happened here, that MBS himself ordered this hit of this guy in a consulate in Turkey and the torture and the execution and all this in a diplomatic facility, the world is never gonna look at him the same way.

Big companies, Google, I think Facebook, a whole bunch of really big important powerful companies were supposed to go to what they call "Davos in the desert." So there was gonna be this big meet of all these movers and shakers particularly in the world of finance and all these corporations are gonna be there, and you're gonna have the Saudis playing host for this 'cause they're trying to say, "Look, we're kind of like the UAE now. We're modern, we're advanced, we're developing. This is the new Saudi Arabia."

Well, looks like the new Saudi Arabia is a lot like the old Saudi Arabia, and this could mean that there are economic actions taken. I don't know what they'll be, and now I can try to tie this a little bit for you into what you may see as a result of this. Remember, this is politics pushing economics now, which happens all the time. This may be a situation where you might see something, there could be something that affects our defense industry a little bit if we don’t sell these arms, right? These are places where you can see this crossover between politics and economics, which as you know then make a very, very big difference in how these markets go.

I mean just look at trade with China and what's going on there. So we'll have to watch the Khashoggi thing. I believe that we're really just gonna keep this in the realm of diplomacy. There will be a strongly-worded statement, "Saudi shouldn't do this" and people will never look at the Saudi regime quite the same way, but I don't think we're gonna expel the Saudi ambassador from this country. I just don't see this happening.

Here's one other thing I just wanna put in the mix. We need Saudi Arabia to be our Sunni Arab counterweight to the Shia Muslim Iranian state in the Middle East now. That's now our kind of great game geopolitical balance that we're trying to strike. We need a strong well-armed Saudi regime so that the Iranians don't get too big for their britches so to speak.

Now is that a sound strategy? No. Has U.S. policy in the Middle East been essentially one long running series of debacles after another? Yes. Absolutely. So do I think that we even should be in this paradigm of, "Oh, well we need Saudi, we need this friend because of Iran"? I don't know, probably not, but that's where we are right now.

One more thing. The Saudis have a tremendous amount of leverage in this country because of their investments in companies, including media companies, gives them a lot of say and a lot of power behind the scenes. They also have been very aggressive with their efforts to do public relations, lobbying. They've given a tremendous amount of money to some of the most prominent U.S. universities.

That's why it's been really interesting. People have been asking, "Buck, who can we get on air? Who can we get on your show that's a really great prominent critic of Saudi Arabia? Who's the main voice that's out there really taking the Saudis to task?" You know what the answer is? There isn't one. That's by design. The Saudis are crafty about how they engage in this public relations game.

So keep an eye on this Khashoggi situation. I know from contacts in the White House that this is top of the list of immediate concerns for what the responses are gonna be coming out of the White House, and this could have some real effects on American markets and what's gonna go on with like I said arms sales. Will it affect energy? Probably not, but certainly if you've got a multi-multi billion dollar arms deal that's supposed to conclude between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, and people are saying that should be pulled back. That's in jeopardy. That could have some impact. That could mean something.

All right, Stansberry Investor Hour folks, we have with us a very special guest this week, Dr. Sebastian Gorka. He was a deputy assistant and strategist to President Trump. He's also the author of the new book which I have a copy of, I highly recommend it to all of you Why We Fight. Dr. Gorka, good to see you.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Great to be back. Thanks for having me, Buck.

Buck Sexton: So the book; tell me about what brought you to write it and what folks listening need to know.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Well, I was brought into the White House as a kind of – Bill O'Reilly called me the utility infielder for national security, and you know better than most once you get inside the machine and you have the clearances and you start reading the classified material you see things a little bit differently.

So my eyes were open to the threats that are out there, and my last book Defeating Jihad focused on ISIS and Al Qaeda, and now I wanted to do the big picture on everything, all the threats we face as a nation, China, Russia, Iran, you name it, global jihadists, and talk about what the _____ _____ defeat them, and in the middle of that include some stories of great American heroes through the years, some who we've forgotten such as Whittaker Chambers during the Cold War, and some great names like Chester Puller who's a legend from the Marine Corps to re-instill in us that belief in our country being the greatest on God's earth.

Buck Sexton: Now the full title is Why We Fight: Defeating America's Enemies with No Apologies. Who is the single biggest enemy for America right now that we need to be concerned about?

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Well, if you look at the last two years it's clear the President has a plan and he's dealing with North Korea. We may see peace break out there imminently. Iran is being put back in its box thanks to the crushing defeat of ending the JCPOA Iran deal. Even Russia is being managed, but the biggest threat, the only strategic level threat we face is China. China has an avowed plan to displace America by the 100th anniversary of the Chinese communist revolution in 2049, and it's called One Belt One Road.

It's not even classified. You can go online and read it, and they are using every means possible, not just military but diplomatic, economic, trade related, espionage, to undermine America, but the good news is Donald J. Trump our 45th commander-in-chief gets it and he's taking action.

Buck Sexton: Now you're speaking to an audience, Dr. G, of a whole lot of very sophisticated investors, mostly U.S.-based but also all over the world, and they're seeing what's happening now with China with some degree of trepidation. From a purely economic and finance standpoint it's disruptive, this president is disruptive on a whole bunch of things, but disruption can unsettle the markets, can make folks feel a little on edge. What should people that are concerned about Trump's approach to China know? I mean you were a strategist in the White House. How is he playing this game and how do you think it ends when it comes to China?

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: The most important message to your listeners is that this is about the long game. If all you care about are the shareholder reports at your next quarterly meeting then you're quite happy facilitating the rise of China. But when you realize what China does to American businesses, not just in terms of stealing our intellectual property but in terms of forced IP acquisition if you wanna do business in China, then you realize that right now the way things are going China will eat your lunch. Sooner or later whoever you are, doesn't matter whether you're Google or Apple, they will take your profits away from you.

What we're talking about with Donald Trump is redressing the international trade relations. If you wanna do business with China that's okay, but it's gotta be fair and it's gotta be transparent. That's all we are talking about, and the last thing to reassure them is that China needs America much, much more than we need them.

Buck Sexton: Now if Trump is successful with China, could you foresee a situation where it actually leads to even greater prosperity certainly on our side of things, which is most importantly, but do you think it could be better for China in the long-run to actually stop these predatory behaviors in its business practices?

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: If you follow the evolution of the strategic culture of the Chinese nation since the Han Dynasty took over, you understand that this is not just another country. This isn't Belgium or Luxembourg. This isn't even Germany. This is a country whose elite and culturally a large proportion of the population see the rest of the world as subcultural, as not as developed as they are, and they wish to dominate, and they wish to have a relationship with you as either a satellite interest like North Korea or a tributary state.

We're not gonna change that millennia-old attitude. We just have to have them, when they're doing business with us, behave properly. So that can be to the mutual benefit of both parties, but right now we have to stop the predatory behavior.

Buck Sexton: You're very close with the President. You worked alongside him. You're somebody who was an early Trump supporter and confidante back in the primary. To everyone listening, what should they know about this president that they're not getting from the overwhelming media coverage? What could you tell us about some insight into the man?

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: That's a great question. If you read Why We Fight you'll get a picture of who the real Donald Trump is. He is genuine. When you see him in public he's exactly the same behind closed doors. The most important characteristics of this man is he's a pragmatist and he's a patriot, and also very important in terms of predicting the future development of policies, he owes nothing to anybody. He didn't win thanks to the GOP. He won despite the GOP. He doesn't owe anything to the democrats.

So this is a man who can take decisions that are in the best interest of the United States, and the motto I used when I was in the White House, I used the Marine Corps motto from one of our divisions and it is "No better friend, no worse enemy" and that's a very good description of Donald Trump and the White House under his administration.

Buck Sexton: The book is Why We Fight: Defeating America's Enemies with No Apologies. It's out now. I've got a copy. I recommend you all pick it up, too, bookstores or of course on Amazon. Dr. Sebastian Gorka, always good to talk to you, my friend. Thank you for making the time for us.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Thank you. God bless. Anytime.

Buck Sexton: There you have it, folks, from somebody who has been a real insider in the White House and has some real insight into the decision-making in the Trump administration and where the strategy is going and what comes next, so there you have it from Dr. Gorka himself. By the way, pick up the book. Dr. Gorka is a great guy and I think you'll really enjoy it.

Oh, I've got some quick political thoughts. Some of you are like, "Buck, what about this stock?" Hey, I don't know anything about that stock, so that's why I stick with what I know. What I do know is that you should all check out the meltinar as I said that's coming up. It's gonna be on the 24th of October. Just go to, you'll see it there, Check it out and you will see for yourself what you need to know about the markets. This is gonna be huge and I'm excited to be a part of it.

Politics. Okay, here's the thing. The Kavanaugh bump is real. Republicans are fired up. They are going to show up at the polls in higher numbers they would have otherwise because they realize what is at stake. I spoke to Donald Trump Jr. about this yesterday. He says that the enthusiasm is on fire on the right now, and that means that you're gonna have most likely a pickup of I'd say two to three senate seats for the GOP.

Everyone says that the GOP is gonna lose the House. Very possible that will be the case, but I like to think I'm an optimist and so I think that they might just squeak out holding their majority. If you're a probability guy, if you're a betting man I wouldn't bet on that, but I think they can and I hope they can. With that, let's get into the mail bag.

If you wanna send us some thoughts, [email protected] Whatever questions, whatever burning issues were front of mind that you did not get to share with our fearless leader Mr. Porter Stansberry this week you should send in to the [email protected] portal or email address. Not portal, Buck, gosh, get with it. We'll be able to read it, get to it, and hopefully get to it on air.

Okay, we try to respond to everyone, even the hurtful ones, sad ones. Email number one, Rusty writes, "Hi, Porter and Buck. It was a real treat to hear a brief clip of both Porter and Buck's Vegas presentation. Buck, I was literally blown away by your speech. You're good off the cuff in both podcast setting and on the radio, however you're outstanding when it comes to a thoughtfully prepared speech in both content and delivery. Bravo." Thank you so much, Rusty. You're a very kind man. I appreciate it.

Email number two for this week, "Hi from a paid-up Alliance member. Buck, do you see any outcome from the increasing political divide other than eventual dissolution of the union civil war?" from Paul. Paul, I don't think we're heading towards civil war, but I do think that it's gonna get uglier before it gets better, and I think that the only way that you can get a reset of what is a tendency toward leftist radicalism in this country for the democrat party is if Trump wins reelection and they essentially get tired of losing and realize that the country is not all about bathroom use policy and redistribution of wealth and identity politics and all this other crap that progressive left is obsessed with.

That's when I think you may have a change and a move back to the center. I hope it does not have to get violent before then, although there has already been some violence as we know, an attempted mass assassination of conservative members of congress in Alexandria, Virginia about 15 months ago. Hopefully nothing like that will happen again, but there will be a reset. I just think the reset will come toward the center from the left if Trump wins reelection.

That's gonna be it for this episode of The Investor Hour. Remember, is a way to get to the meltinar, and let's impress all the folks by using Buck's special URL there so then Porter and Country Club Guy are like, "Hey, Buck is doing a good job. We should keep him around."; that'll take you there.

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