EPISODE 147 ▪ March 27, 2020
Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?
On this week's episode, Dan gives the latest updates on what is on everyone's mind, the Coronavirus. At the moment, unfortunately, we have more questions than answers. "What happens if the poorest in our country can't work for 6-8 weeks?" "What happens if Americans go back to work before the virus ends?" "Is the cure worse than the disease?" Then on this week's interview, Dan invites Principal of Bearing Asset Management, Kevin Duffy, onto the show. Bearing Asset Management was one of the few firms on Wall Street warning their clients of the housing and credit bubble before 2008. Dan asks Kevin about his new newsletter "The Coffee Can Portfolio." It's based on an older contrarian investment strategy that you may be unaware of. Kevin tells Dan stories of what it was like on Wall Street during the Financial Crisis and why the situation today seems so different. Porter has a big announcement for these questionable times. Click here to listen in.
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EPISODE 146 ▪ March 20, 2020
The Start of the Greater Depression
On this week's episode, Dan opens up with what's on everyone's minds, the Coronavirus. He discusses its impact on our lives, the economy and how much has changed in such a short time. Dan even backtracks on something he said last week about the government. "I'm shocked at myself!" Then on this week's interview, Dan invites legendary speculator, bestselling author, and newsletter industry titan, Doug Casey, onto the show. Doug mince words about the current situation with the Coronavirus, "This is the start of the Greater Depression..." They also discuss Doug's bestselling book career and his upcoming book, Assassin. Plus, the two cover what they think you should do with your money today.
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EPISODE 145 ▪ March 13, 2020
The Bull Market Is Officially Over
The day has finally arrived. The Bull Market is officially over. The DOW dropped 1,400 points yesterday ending the longest bull market in U.S. history. Ordinarily, Dan has a guest on the show to discuss some aspect of the finance, but because of the unexpected turmoil and volatility this week, we decided to do something different. Today, Dan is here to talk to you – one-on-one – about the end of the bull market, about the Coronavirus, and about what it all means for your money. Also make sure you tune in to the emergency briefing Monday March 16th to help protect yourself from a further decline in the market click here
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EPISODE 144 ▪ March 5, 2020
What President Trump Doesn't Get About Interest Rates
Dan called it. The Fed recently cut interest rates in response to the fears caused by the Coronavirus. But will lower interest rates make up for the economic slowdown the Coronavirus will likely have? Dan cautions against optimism in the market going forward. He then introduces this week’s guest, Gregory Zuckerman. Greg is a journalist for The Wall Street Journal, and is a three-time winner of the Gerald Loeb Award, the highest honor in business journalism. Zuckerman's new book, The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution, dives deep into one of the most well-kept secrets of the finance industry, Renaissance Technologies. Renaissance's Medallion Fund is widely considered the most successful hedge fund ever. The fund's success is so unprecedented that it is only open to current and past employees and their families. Dan and Greg talk about how the Medallion Fund was able to return 66% annually over a 30-year span from 1988 to 2018, what they do differently than everyone else, and how they keep their trading strategies a secret even to this day.
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EPISODE 143 ▪ February 27, 2020
Can You Beat the Market Buying Penny Stocks?
There's nothing like a global contagion to take the market down a bit. In this week's episode, Dan discusses the spread of the Coronavirus which is clearly a bigger threat than the markets were originally anticipating. What are the short-term and long-term implications of the virus on the global equities markets? How much worse will things get? Then Dan introduces today's guest, Dan Schum, who writes a blog nonamestocks.com. He shares stories of the best microcap and nanocap stocks he's found. Schum talks about the mental fortitude needed to watch a stock go down 90%, and the joys of watching others soar 8,000%. If you've ever been interested in trading some penny stocks with a small part of your portfolio, you'll love this week's episode.
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EPISODE 142 ▪ February 20, 2020
The Best Way to Play the Coronavirus Outbreak
Dan gives us an update on the handling of the Coronavirus by the Chinese government. Did they increase the risks by trying to cover it up? What are investors to do, if anything? He then introduces this week’s guest, David Collum, who is Professor and Chair of the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department at Cornell University. David writes an annual "Year in Review." It's a macroeconomic assessment of the markets that is a must-read. Dan and David hit it off like old friends, discussing a wide variety of topics like the Coronavirus, the Fed, and the chance of an upcoming recession. They even do a deep dive on controversial topics like climate change and the Jeffrey Epstein story. David makes a stunning claim, calling the Epstein story, "the biggest story in American history..."
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EPISODE 141 ▪ February 13, 2020
To Be Truly Successful, You Have to Go All In
On this week's episode, Dan begins by revisiting the discussion he had with last week's guest, Raoul Pal... Raoul predicted that bonds were due for one more epic run up as the Federal Reserve cut interest rates. Will the Coronavirus inspire further rate cuts from the Fed? Dan also discusses how listeners in our feedback emails tend to worry about Fed policy and other macro issues. Dan's advice is to "stop worrying about the macro stuff or become a lot more interested in bonds." Later on, Dan welcomes new guest, Mark Minervini, of Minervini Private Access. Mark is one of the world's most successful stock traders on the planet and an international performance coach. Mark won the U.S. Investing Championship in 1997 with an astonishing 155% annual return.
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EPISODE 140 ▪ February 6, 2020
Buy Bonds, Wear Diamonds and Own Property In the Caymans
The Coronavirus continues to spread, now with cases outside of China. Dan discusses how you can track the outbreak and begs the question "Is the situation worse than is being reported?" If so, how much worse? And how does that affect the global equities market? He then introduces this week’s guest, Raoul Pal. Raoul worked as a hedge fund manager at Goldman Sachs before retiring and founding RealVision. Raoul now also writes for the Global Macro Investor in an effort to advise institutions on their macro-investing strategy.
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EPISODE 139 ▪ January 30, 2020
What the Coronavirus Means for Markets
As the numbers for both infections and fatalities for the coronavirus continue to climb worldwide, Dan assesses the impact that a full-blown epidemic could have on markets, in ascending orders of magnitude. As in every crisis, some companies will be more affected than others – and that includes heavyweights like his recommendation of Starbucks, for reasons he goes over. He then introduces this week’s guest, Bryan Beach of Stansberry’s Venture Value. A former “Big 4” Auditor with a Bachelor’s and Masters degree in accounting, Bryan has a unique ability to sift through SEC filings, finding both opportunities and red flags.
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EPISODE 138 ▪ January 23, 2020
What’s the Most Valuable Asset in the World Right Now?
Dan kicks off this episode with his thoughts on Apple and where it could go from its $1.4 trillion market cap. The first thing he’s noticed about Apple this year is that its earnings didn’t double in 2019, while revenues and net income both fell. Yet the stock market chose to raise its valuation from 13x earnings to 16s earnings. Dan then turns to a question posed to Stansberry editors –what's cheap and unpopular with investors right now– before turning to this week’s podcast guest. Meb Faber is a co-founder and chief investment officer of Cambria Investment Management, and host of The Meb Faber Show podcast. He has authored numerous white papers and leather-bound books, and graduated from UVA with a double major in Engineering Science and Biology.
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