"Bombed-Out, Value-Type Situations"

Episode #246 | February 21, 2022

Episode #246 | February 21, 2022

"Bombed-Out, Value-Type Situations"

In This Episode

As we mentioned last week, Stansberry Investor Hour is moving to Mondays!

This new air date gives host Dan Ferris a chance to reflect on the market news from the previous week and weekend that matters most to you and your investments. We’re excited for the extra value this change will bring and hope you are too.

Today, Dan talks with Peter Boockvar, the chief investment officer of $8 billion wealth-management firm Bleakley Financial Group.

As a top-down investor, Peter focuses on “bombed-out, value-type situations” that can be distilled into overarching investing themes.

One of the big themes Peter sees right now is a global, unstoppable force of people wanting to break out of their pandemic bubbles and travel. That doesn’t mean he’s long airlines. In fact, he cautions against such proven, cyclical money pits… instead preferring alternative plays on the travel industry, like hotels, casinos, or online travel agencies. 

Another theme Peter follows these days is commodities. After the huge run-up commodity indexes have seen over the past year, he discusses the best ways for contrarian, long-term investors to contend with the daily struggle of commodity investing: How long do you ride that wave? And when is it time to get off?

Also on the podcast, Dan and Peter share how they see the big themes in inflation, cryptocurrencies, cannabis, and – the big one on everybody’s mind these days – inflation.

In short, Peter’s message is simple: “Investors need to be a lot more valuation sensitive. The playbook of the last couple years in making money in the markets will be different over the next couple of years.”