Dan Shares His Top Surprises of 2021

Episode #188 | January 7, 2021

Episode #188 | January 7, 2021

Dan Shares His Top Surprises of 2021

In This Episode

As we start a new year, Dan is keeping up with his tradition of sharing his Top 10 Potential Surprises for 2021.

Could one of 2020’s hottest stocks take a big hit? Could we see a massive correction in the entire market soon? Could Bitcoin continue on its current pace or is a crash imminent?

Dan covers these topics and more, sharing some huge surprises that would stun the investing world.

And just like last year, Dan plans on coming back to these surprises later in the year to check and see if any of them come to fruition.

Plus, Dan brings new guest onto the show, Christopher Mack. Chris works for investment management firm, Harding Loevner, where he started in 2004. Today he works as an analyst in Information Technology, a portfolio manager, Global Small Companies (Co-Lead), and as a Global Equity & World Equity Partner.

Dan and Chris have a long in-depth discussion on opportunities they see happening in the markets in 2021. Chris also shares some helpful insights to be aware of that he’s learned in his experience working as a portfolio manager since 2004.

Chris even shares some of his favorite stocks, including two retail stocks that have niches outside of the Amazon ecosystem that could thrive in the coming years.

Listen to his discussion with Dan and more on this week’s episode.

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