Finding Big Disruptive Winners in Small Cap Stocks

Episode #200 | April 1, 2021

Episode #200 | April 1, 2021

Finding Big Disruptive Winners in Small Cap Stocks

In This Episode

A little-known family investment office made big news this week… 

Archegos Capital Management’s risky leveraged bets on ViacomCBS Inc. and Discovery Inc. set off a wave of forced liquidations at a number of Wall Street Banks.

Estimates show Bill Hwang, the man behind Archegos, levered his positions as much as 5X and so far has triggered the liquidations of positions approaching $30 billion in value.

Dan takes a deep look at this story of greed and hubris before leaving listeners with one crystal clear takeaway.

Then Dan invites Tucker Walsh onto the show for a conversation about one of the hottest sectors of the market over the past year – small cap growth stocks.

Tucker is head of the Small Company Growth Team and lead Portfolio Manager at Polen Capital’s U.S. Small Company Growth strategy. Prior to joining Polen Capital Tucker spent 10 years as CEO at Copper Rock Capital Partners and 9 years as Managing Director and Head of Small Cap Growth Team at State Street Research.

Tucker and his team look to invest in fast-growing, disruptive businesses that use technology to compete in the digital age.

But he stresses that profitability is important, and discipline is critical when you’re investing in this space. Thoroughly researching and investigating each company and objectively looking at both best and worst case scenarios without getting attached is key.

During their conversation, Tucker shares the name of a few stocks he thinks could have massive potential in the coming years and are great buys right now.

Then on the mailbag, listener Peter W. writes in explaining why he was not happy with Dan’s interview last week… He argues Dan and Per left out some pretty important details during the conversation about regulations.

Dan listens to Peter’s side and gives his rebuttal to this question and many more on this week’s episode.