Finding Sustainable Long-Term Trends in an Era of Insane Valuations

Episode #203 | April 22, 2021

Episode #203 | April 22, 2021

Finding Sustainable Long-Term Trends in an Era of Insane Valuations

In This Episode

Dan opens this week's rant completely beside himself, as he shares the latest story of jaw-dropping excess in the market.

But this isn't the story of your typical cryptocurrency pump and dump...

Or a message board banding together to try to create the next "meme stock..."

It comes from a business you'd never expect in a million years... and Dan calls it the single most insane example of speculative froth he's EVER seen in the markets.

Then on this week's interview, Dan invites Ken McAtamney onto the show.

Ken is the head of the global equity team and a portfolio manager for William Blair's International Growth, Global Leaders, and International Leaders strategies.

Before joining William Blair in 2005, Ken was a vice president at Goldman Sachs, where he was responsible for institutional equity research coverage for both international and domestic equities.

Dan and Ken cover a wide range of major growth themes that will likely shape the future investment landscape. Ken presents a ton of unique ideas of how many current industries may evolve and the massive opportunities you should be looking for.

During their conversation, Ken shares nearly a dozen names of stocks with sustainable long-term growth in emerging industries that he loves.

And finally, the mailbag is filled with some great questions this week... One listener asks Dan if he thinks we could ever have a sovereign debt crisis like Jim Rickards describes?

Another listener asks Dan to elaborate on what he meant when he previously said "gold is a bauble..."

And a long-time listener asks who is the best author of investment books and why, taking fame and notoriety out of the equation and focusing only on substance?

Dan gives a thoughtful reply to this question and more on this week's episode.