Finding the Next Billion Dollar Unicorn with Kevin Landis

Episode #202 | April 15, 2021

Episode #202 | April 15, 2021

Finding the Next Billion Dollar Unicorn with Kevin Landis

In This Episode

Across the entire U.S. stock market, going all the way back to 1926, a small fraction of stocks are responsible for the lion’s share of the market’s gains.

Dan examines this phenomenon with a deep dive into the Bessembinder Study and comes away with a few key takeaways for individual investors trying to beat the market. 

Then on this week’s interview, Dan invites Kevin Landis onto the show. 

Kevin was born and raised in Silicon Valley and has over 30 years of experience in market research, product management and investment in the technology sector.

And today, Kevin is the Chief Investment Officer at Firsthand Capital Management, an investment advisory firm he founded in 1994. He currently manages two technology sector mutual funds and a publicly traded venture capital fund.

Dan asks how Kevin and his firm were able to identify stocks like Roku, Twitter, SolarCity, and Yelp before they became the massive winners they are today…

The two also discuss how the current incentives in the asset management industry typically hurt your ability to make large gains… and how his firm works to break that mold. 

And finally, the mailbag is filled with some great questions this week. One listener asks Dan an interesting question about Tesla that tests his value investing philosophy…

Then a listener writes in supporting the retail investors in GameStop, giving a different take on the situation. Is there more to this story than we’ve been told?

And another listener from Australia has some questions on gold’s price lately and the potential of a top in the crypto markets…

Listen to Dan give his take on these topics and more on this week’s episode.