How to Make Volatility Work for You in 2023

Episode #292 | January 9, 2023

Episode #292 | January 9, 2023

How to Make Volatility Work for You in 2023

In This Episode

We're back to our regular Stansberry Investor Hour programming this week. And to kick off a new year of the show, we welcome Greg Diamond, editor of Ten Stock Trader.

A chartered market technician ("CMT") and Stansberry's resident expert in technical analysis, Greg has almost 20 years of experience in portfolio management and trading across every asset class you can think of. That's why he's the perfect fit for Ten Stock Trader – Stansberry's unique daily trading service in which Greg has nailed down multiple double- and triple-digit winners.

According to Greg, "2023 is going to be marked with incredible trading opportunities." He explains that one of the tools for navigating market volatility this year is being able to identify certain trends, and he also explains how technical analysis can help you do that. His strategy might be intimidating for most, but Greg encourages folks to keep an open mind and step out of the box...

I can promise you that you'll learn something new that will improve the probabilities of success in the markets – in trading and in long-term investing as well.

Also on Greg's mind today is the technology sector, where he sees ghosts of the dot-com bust looming. And while acknowledging that investors and traders might have different appetites for risk, he says there's one trait in common that's required to survive what's ahead...

If you have no risk-management discipline, you are not going to make it very long as a trader or long-term investor.

Also in today's episode, Dan and Corey chat about today's market atmosphere, one of Dan's regrets in life (and a "crazy idea" that stemmed from it), the "perfect coda to 2022," and the uncertainty that 2023 holds for investors.

This is a can't-miss episode. Check it out now.