It's the End of Globalization as We Know It

Episode #332 | October 23, 2023

Episode #332 | October 23, 2023

It's the End of Globalization as We Know It

In This Episode

In this week's Stansberry Investor Hour, Dan and Corey welcome geopolitical strategist and critically acclaimed author Peter Zeihan back to the show. Dan caught up with Peter at the annual Stansberry Conference & Alliance Meeting in Las Vegas, where both were speakers. They discuss significant geopolitical events, the ongoing Ukraine conflict, and demographic challenges to Israel's unique position in the Middle East.

But first, reporting live from the conference, Dan and Corey share their insights from this valuable event for subscribers. They offer a recap of the presentations delivered by notable figures, including Stansberry Research founder Porter Stansberry, legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong, and respected financial writer Morgan Housel. Although Dan has become known in recent years for his bearish stance, he announces a significant shift in his investment perspective...

I'm saying investing is back and income is back... mostly because you've got this wonderful opportunity to put money in the Treasury yielding 5%... It's not the same bearish song that it was. I'm singing a new song. Investing is back again.

Then Peter joins the show to dissect the ongoing Ukraine situation and other geopolitical conflicts dominating the headlines. He highlights the Russian military's weaknesses but says the country has managed to drag out the fight for so long because it has a larger population and more soldiers to throw into battle. He also explains the wider implications of the Russia-Ukraine war and why it's so important to stop Russia now...

If the Russians are to get what they feel they need to rebuild their outer defensive perimeter, that includes the city of Warsaw [in Poland]. So if the Russians are successful here, we will have a military assault that eventually will consume five NATO countries. So the smart play is to stop it here, stop it firmly, so that that never happens.

The conversation transitions to Israel's current conflict and its thriving technology sector. Peter discusses Israel's strategic shift from being a technology consumer to a producer, saying "Israelis, almost to a Chinese scale, were stealing tech... and so they decided to go in the business of making tech." Dan and Peter also explore investment prospects in Israel, what a peace treaty between Saudi Arabia and Israel would mean, how Iran could disrupt the peace process, and incompetence in the Israeli government. Peter explains...

We're getting ever more disconnected, unprofessional, nontechnical governments in Israel... You've got a system where the population is becoming less competent and the government is becoming less competent for structural reasons. It's got nothing to do with politics directly. That's a problem if you're a value-added economy.

Finally, Dan and Peter shift their focus to China. The nation is undergoing dramatic shifts in demographics and experiencing a severe population decline, which has profound implications for the nation's future. Peter predicts that China will cease to exist as a unified industrialized nation within the next decade...

Their demographic decline now, by their own numbers... is already the most extreme in human record... Do I think China is doomed? Absolutely... But every day China is still there? That's a gift. Because it's one more day we have to prepare for a world without Chinese manufacturers.

To hear all of Peter's insights and predictions in detail, plus his thoughts on several other countries, listen to the podcast now.