'Never Has the Fed Raised Rates Into a Recession'

Episode #301 | March 13, 2023

Episode #301 | March 13, 2023

'Never Has the Fed Raised Rates Into a Recession'

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This week in Stansberry Investor Hour, we're welcoming back a legendary trader who's never afraid to sugarcoat things...

Folks, Todd "Bubba" Horwitz of BubbaTrading.com is back. According to Dan, he and Bubba are "brothers from another mother." They share some of the same views on plenty of topics... like commodities, green energy, and the Federal Reserve and "the absurdity of its existence."

Bubba flatly says that the "moronic Fed has no clue"...

Never has the Fed raised rates into a recession... Don't get me wrong, rates should be higher. But [the Fed] should let the free markets determine what the rates are.

As for banks, they are undoubtedly the biggest headline-makers right now. Shockwaves from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank are rippling through markets – from stocks to oil and to cryptocurrency. And Bubba warns that bank bailouts aren't far off.

Bubba then covers the looming threat of a global grain shortage and its underlying catalysts, which range from a war-torn Ukraine (a major grain exporter) to high fertilizer costs that prevented farmers from planting more crops last year. He isn't happy about Bill Gates owning a lot of U.S. farmland, either... "[If you] destroy the small family farms and turn them into corporate farms, it changes the dynamics of who's in control," Bubba warns.

He shares how he's trading soft commodities and mentions how it could be daunting for most investors. But for the brave who buy these assets at good prices, they're in for a reward. As Bubba explains:

I think we're due for a big market across the board pretty much in all commodities, especially the consumable-goods commodities. Gold and silver, I think they're going to go higher but they're not consumable – they're going to be needed for money pretty soon."

Bubba also explains why the "Fed pivot" narrative is a myth... why the 10-year Treasury yield could run up to 6%... and why you should sometimes take a break from financial media, leaving listeners with his final words: "Don't let the day-to-day news get to you."