Protect Your Portfolio With the 'Meme Stock of the Metals World'

Episode #255 | April 25, 2022

Episode #255 | April 25, 2022

Protect Your Portfolio With the 'Meme Stock of the Metals World'

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With inflation creeping higher and higher these days, now is the perfect time for this week’s guest to make his Stansberry Investor Hour debut.

Patrick Yip is a precious metals expert. He’s the director of business development at APMEX, one of the largest online precious metals retailers in the U.S., as well as the manager of OneGold, APMEX’s innovative investment platform for vaulted positions in gold, silver, and platinum.

And he says that in a market fraught with uncertainty like we’re seeing today, it’s especially important for conservative and speculative investors alike to consider adding precious metals to their portfolios…

If history repeats itself, inflation at its current rate could erode half of your wealth in nine years. No one knows what the future is going to give us. But if history repeats, precious metals are going to protect your wealth and maybe even increase your wealth.

Gold, he says, is perfect for those seeking extra portfolio protection during periods of high inflation. If metals rally like they did during the inflationary cycles of the 1960s and ’70s, investors could see gold hit $5,000 in the next few years. That’s more than 150% higher than today’s prices. 

And silver – what Dan teasingly calls the “meme stock of the metals world” – offers equal opportunity for investors willing to stomach a little more volatility. Right now, silver premiums are sky-high. But as Patrick discusses, it all boils down to simple supply-and-demand economics… 

He walks listeners through each step of coin making’s complicated process from mine to mint and pinpoints the exact spot in the supply chain that’s “stressed the most” right now. And he unveils how his OneGold system offers a unique way to directly own silver while bypassing the high prices.

Finally, Patrick touches on what Dan calls “the elephant in the room” – another popular (though, very different) asset – and how it holds up to gold and silver in one’s portfolio.