Tesla’s Stock Just Made History – Now What?

Episode #137 | January 16, 2020

In This Episode

In a week where Tesla’s $75/share price tear made history, Dan dissects the craziness of the headlines we’re seeing.

Dan then provides research and historical perspective on growth darlings versus value investments before getting to this week’s interview.

This episode’s interview is with Harris Kupperman, founder of the hedge fund Praetorian Capital, here to discuss two of his highest-conviction investing ideas today.

We think you’ll find his theory that “equities are all risk” to be a valuable contrarian view to common schools of thoughts endorsing “safe stocks.”

What it comes down to, Harris says, is that every single stock purchase you make should have the ability to multiply your money – no 8% a year winners.

“To me, 30% a year upside doesn’t even go into the “interesting” category,” he tells us. “I need stuff that can double in at least the next year, and preferably 3-5 bagger in the next few years.”