The Hidden Dangers of Private Equity-Backed Companies

Episode #133 | December 19, 2019

In This Episode

As signs of dangerous, unrestrained euphoria mount – including one Mitsubishi analyst publicly assuring investors this is a “zero-risk environment” Dan brings on a guest to this week’s show who is uniquely qualified to assess the hidden dangers of private equity-backed companies as Wall Street continues to gorge on private equity deals.

Dan Rasmussen is the founder of Verdad Capital, who before that worked at Bain Capital and Bridgewater Associates. In 2017, he was named to the Forbes “30 under 30” list.

From his time at Bridgewater and beyond, he witnessed the birth and redefinition of some of the world’s greatest risk containment approaches to trading and investing. And as the stock market continues to pile on heady days this December, you won’t want to miss his warnings on subjects that go far deeper than this bull market’s age and even the market’s growing valuations.