The Risks Have Yet to Come Home to Roost

Episode #249 | March 14, 2022

Episode #249 | March 14, 2022

The Risks Have Yet to Come Home to Roost

In This Episode

In this week’s episode of Stansberry Investor Hour, Dan dives right into discussing the biggest current crisis that has upended the global markets: the Russia-Ukraine war.

And Dan’s guest today is none other than Stansberry Research’s international editor, Kim Iskyan. There’s no one better suited for the topic at hand than him.

A 25-plus-year (and trilingual!) veteran of international markets who has spent nearly a decade in Moscow as a research analyst and hedge-fund portfolio manager, Kim has witnessed “the monstrous cycles of collapse and renaissance in Russia.” He has lived in nine countries before returning stateside to oversee a global political-risk consulting firm that has served Fortune 100 companies and global portfolio investors alike. And here at Stansberry, Kim conducts and writes about his boots-on-the-ground research throughout East Asia and beyond.

Dan admits the repercussions of this “crazy state of affairs” – especially the surge in commodity prices – has stunned him. And he invites Kim to discuss what could happen when “the 11th-largest economy in the world is suddenly cut off.” As he tells Dan…

We’ve seen this story play out in the past where countries who can’t provide basic services for their citizens come under a lot of pressure. 

The two chat about everything from how Venezuela and Iran could benefit from Russia’s isolation… to how China might even have “the chance to become the geopolitical soft power it wants to be”… and to how it all might play out for “the ultimate dictator,” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kim also shares two unique and pertinent investment ideas for these turbulent times. He even answers some of the big questions on everyone’s minds right now, like: What exactly are the chances of a World War III happening? What is the likelihood of any revolt or political uprising in Russia? How long could all this last?

 Having had “a front-row seat to catastrophic market busts and epic market booms around the world,” Kim is, bar none, the perfect choice among Stansberry’s many analysts to sit down with Dan and talk about the far-reaching implications of today’s transcontinental conflict.