The Tip of the Spear in Global Growth

Episode #201 | April 8, 2021

Episode #201 | April 8, 2021

The Tip of the Spear in Global Growth

In This Episode

GameStop is selling up to 3.5 million new shares, looking to raise money amid their newfound hype and popularity in the investing world.

Dan opens the show by explaining why this is actually a very smart business move…

But he says even though it’s the right move for GameStop, he wants no part in it. And he cautions anyone else still thinking about jumping on this train.

Then Dan invites Kevin Carter onto the show to talk about one of the fastest-growing areas anywhere in the markets, that sadly many Americans overlook.

Kevin is the founder and Chief Investment Officer at EMQQ, an Emerging Markets Internet and E-Commerce Index. Over the past 20 years, he’s partnered with Princeton economist and indexing legend, Dr. Burton Malkiel, focusing on China and emerging markets, ultimately creating the EMQQ Index.

During their conversation, Kevin teaches Dan some stunning facts about the massive opportunity investing in emerging markets outside of the U.S. provides today… (like did you know that over half of the world’s mobile payment users live in Africa?)

Kevin makes a very strong case for putting money in emerging markets today, even listing out a handful of his favorite personal holdings from his index… like one he calls the Amazon.com of Poland… another known as the Amazon.com of Africa… and even one little-known fintech company that Berkshire Hathaway bought 5% of during its IPO.

Kevin says that if you have a long-term timeline, you absolutely need to take a look at the emerging markets internet sector… He calls it the “tip of the spear” when it comes to global growth.

And finally, we had an ultra-light mailbag this week…

So light, in fact, that Dan decided to hold off until next week’s episode.

So don’t forget, please send in any questions you may have, any comments on the show, or even any politely-worded criticisms into us at [email protected]

Until then, you can listen to Dan and Kevin’s conversation and more on this week’s episode.