The Ultimate “Science of Success” Handbook

Episode #134 | December 26, 2019

In This Episode

In our last broadcast of 2019, Dan Ferris quickly recaps what a year it’s been from a 27% gain for the stock market to $12 trillion negative interest-yielding bonds in the world, to the third-ever impeachment of a U.S. President.

Even so – this episode isn’t dedicated to a year-end review of markets, which Dan notes just about everyone is doing now. Instead, it’s about reviewing the very best and most important episodes of Stansberry Investor Hour – including a few that have changed Dan’s life.

In that vein, we’re re-upping the most important interview of the year, in Dan’s estimation, to your inbox – his June interview with success scientist Albert Laszlo Barabasi.

As Dan says on Albert’s book “The Formula: The Universal Laws of Success,” he read a lot of self-improvement books growing up, but “I wish I hadn’t done any of that. I wish I’d read Barabasi’s book instead.”