To Be Truly Successful, You Have to Go All In

Episode #141 | February 13, 2020

In This Episode

On this week’s episode, Dan begins by revisiting the discussion he had with last week’s guest, Raoul Pal… Raoul predicted that bonds were due for one more epic run up as the Federal Reserve cut interest rates. Will the Coronavirus inspire further rate cuts from the Fed?

Dan also discusses how listeners in our feedback emails tend to worry about Fed policy and other macro issues. Dan’s advice is to “stop worrying about the macro stuff or become a lot more interested in bonds.”

Later on, Dan welcomes new guest, Mark Minervini, of Minervini Private Access. Mark is one of the world’s most successful stock traders on the planet and an international performance coach. Mark won the U.S. Investing Championship in 1997 with an astonishing 155% annual return.

Mark is truly a self-made man, starting with a portfolio of a few thousand dollars and amassing an incredible fortune. Over one five-year period he averaged 220% annually with only one single losing quarter.

He is also best-selling author of books Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard and Think and Trade Like a Champion.

Mark explains his burn the ships mentality, and how in order to be truly successful, you have no choice but to go all in with everything you have.