Turning $20K to $2 million During the Financial Crisis

Episode #192 | February 4, 2021

Episode #192 | February 4, 2021

Turning $20K to $2 million During the Financial Crisis

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The GameStop rise has come and gone.

Last week, shares for the retail video game store traded as high as $480… but over the past week the stock has plummeted over 80%.

Dan examines the situation and comes away with some key takeaways about free brokerage apps, like Robinhood, and who they truly serve.

Then Dan brings the perfect guest onto the show to discuss the situation, legendary trader and market wizard, Chris Camillo.

In 2007, Chris began his investing career by turning $20,000 into over $2 million, during a three-year period where you were lucky to make any gains in the market at all.

Today, Chris is an accomplished author, investor, and entrepreneur who has been featured in Jack Schwager’s book Unknown Market Wizards.

Chris’ trading style is pretty different than anything we’ve covered on the show before.

Chris explains how he uses social arbitrage investing to try to get out ahead of new trends and identify early shifts in popular movements.

Chris says he does almost 100% of his research and trading right from his phone, using social media sites like Twitter, Reddit, and Discord to find his ideas. That’s how Chris was able to see the covid crash coming ahead of time, and place a trade that made him a 7-figure windfall…

Dan and Chris sit down and discuss some of the biggest calls he’s gotten right, big opportunities he’s missed, and his advice for anyone getting into trading.

Listen to their conversation and much more on this week’s episode.

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