What the Coronavirus Means for Markets

Episode #139 | January 30, 2020

In This Episode

As the numbers for both infections and fatalities for the coronavirus continue to climb worldwide, Dan assesses the impact that a full-blown epidemic could have on markets, in ascending orders of magnitude.

As in every crisis, some companies will be more affected than others – and that includes heavyweights like his recommendation of Starbucks, for reasons he goes over.

He then introduces this week’s guest, Bryan Beach of Stansberry’s Venture Value.

A former “Big 4” Auditor with a Bachelor’s and Masters degree in accounting, Bryan has a unique ability to sift through SEC filings, finding both opportunities and red flags.

We think you’ll enjoy hearing his war stories of finding opportunities others didn’t see, or even understand, and confounding short sellers while finding opportunities in “dark stocks” that can double or triple in days. To follow Bryan’s work click here.