What the Fed Won't Tell You

Episode #207 | May 20, 2021

Episode #207 | May 20, 2021

What the Fed Won't Tell You

In This Episode

It's been a rough week for crypto investors...

 After Bitcoin reached over $64,000 in April, the world's most popular crypto has plunged as low as $30,000 on some exchanges earlier this week...

Dan opens the show with an update on the situation, and tells the listeners what he's doing with his Bitcoin today...

Then on this week's interview, Dan invites Dave Collum back onto the show for another great conversation. Dave is the Betty R. Miller Professor of Organic Chemistry and former Department Chair at Cornell University.

 He's also a staunch Libertarian, a fan of gold, the Austrian business cycle, and he's not at all afraid to speak his mind.

During their conversation, Dave and Dan talk about a wide range of controversial topics, like how the inflation numbers from the Fed are completely bogus, how the climate change industrial complex became corrupt, and how a massive top is currently brewing in the market despite what you're being told.

 Then on the mailbag this week, a new listener to the podcast asks Dan his general advice for how to handle the current market environment...

 Dan takes his time responding to the listener, explaining all the key places he believes you should have your money, plus a couple of helpful lessons to consider.

Listen to Dan tackle this great question and several more on this week's episode.