When to Buy and When to Sell

Episode #182 | November 25, 2020

Episode #182 | November 25, 2020

When to Buy and When to Sell

In This Episode

Is the ‘Fed Put’ a real thing?

On today’s opening rant, Dan reads some excerpts from a Barron’s article titled, “Yes, The ‘Fed Put’ Really Does Exist. That Could Be Bad News for Bulls.”

Dan examines the facts presented and unpacks what that means for you and your money.

Then during this week’s interview, Dan sits down for a conversation with Keith Kaplan. Keith is a veteran software architect with over 25 years of experience and is now CEO of Tradesmith. When he’s not running his business, Keith speaks frequently for large groups of investors nationwide about the psychology of investing and how our behavior is the #1 factor of investing success.

During their conversation, Keith shares a personal story of how developing factor-based investing software for Tradesmith helped turned his personal financial situation around.

Before, Keith was deeply in debt despite a good job and growing salary. The situation was so dire, he had to borrowed money from his children to help pay off some of his loans. Today, he’s practically debt-free (outside of a mortgage) with a healthy growing nestegg.

And finally, on this week’s mailbag, Dan answers a flurry of questions about Bitcoin, as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency nears all-time-highs… What are your thoughts on companies that pay interest on crypto? And could Bitcoin really withstand pressure from the U.S. government and Central Banks?

Listen to Dan’s address these concerns and more on this week’s episode.