Where to Find Big Gains in Resource Stocks

Episode #206 | May 13, 2021

Episode #206 | May 13, 2021

Where to Find Big Gains in Resource Stocks

In This Episode

In the final stages of the bull market, thoughtful investing is typically replaced with reckless speculation…  

And today, we’re seeing warning signs in nearly every corner of the market…

 Investors everywhere are throwing caution to the wind in hopes of finding the hottest tech stock, SPAC offering, or cryptocurrency that’ll help them get rich quick…

So that’s why this week, Dan is bringing the listeners back down to Earth by focusing on a corner of the market that fuels nearly every other industry, but has recently been forgotten by most of the financial media…

On this week’s episode, Dan invites Rick Rule of Sprott Inc. onto the show to talk about natural resource investing.

Rick began his career in the securities business in 1974 and has been principally involved with natural resource securities ever since. Over his long career, Rick has originated and participated in hundreds of debt and equity transactions with private, pre-public, and public companies.

Today, Rick is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished natural resource investors on the planet.

During their conversation, Rick talks about how stepping down from his position as managing director and president at Sprott has allowed him to focus more time and energy on researching potential investments in the resource space.

Rick and Dan discuss where he sees opportunity in the resource market today, including a handful of stocks from the other side of the globe that he believes are currently trading at steep discounts.

If you’re okay with some riskier, higher upside plays, Rick shares the names of a few stocks which he says are “the cheapest resource stocks on the planet…”

Then on the mailbag this week, Dan answers a couple great questions from listeners who have written in…

One listener asks Dan his thoughts about a recent quote from Stanley Druckenmiller, where he discusses the possibility of the dollar losing its status as the global reserve currency…

And another listener shares what he believes is the real motivation behind the new E.S.G. investing trend….

Dan gives his thoughts on these questions and more on this week’s episode.