Andrew Beer

Managing Member at Dynamic Beta investments LLC

Andrew Beer, managing member of Dynamic Beta (DBi), an iM Global Partner firm, joined the hedge fund industry in 1994 as a portfolio manager at Baupost for Seth Klarman.  He later started hedge funds in commodities and the Greater China region.  Since 2007, his singular focus has been on the “second Holy Grail of hedge funds”: how to outperform hedge funds with shallower drawdowns, low fees and daily liquidity.


Put simply, Andrew brings real “hedge fund” perspective and experience to the “liquid alt” world and has written extensively on value as a factor, hedge funds, liquid alternatives, alternative risk premia, smart beta and related topics. The iM DBi Hedge Fund Replication ETFs he runs (DBMF: Managed Futures and DBEH: Hedge Strategy) have had good performance (included below) and Andrew is great talking hedge funds and making the case that factor replication has won the war against alternative risk premia for “hedge fund ETFs,” but he has also recently made the larger point that he believes we are on the cusp of a “new golden age” for hedge funds.


Though he concentrates on future of hedge funds and how the hedge fund model can be improved from liquidity, access and cost perspectives, he is happy to talk markets and outlook as well.

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