Brett Eversole

Lead Editor of True Wealth

Brett Eversole joined Stansberry Research in 2010. He is the lead editor and analyst for True Wealth, True Wealth Systems, True Wealth Real Estate, and DailyWealth.

Brett boasts a strong background in applied mathematics and statistics, with a degree in Actuarial Science. As an undergraduate, he passed the first three exams for entrance into the Society of Actuaries before focusing on finance at Stansberry Research.

He has put his analytical expertise to work in the markets for the past decade-plus. And, notably, he helped develop True Wealth Systems – one of Stansberry Research's most in-depth, data-driven products – alongside founding editor Steve Sjuggerud.

Brett takes a top-down investment approach. His first goal is spotting big macro trends in the market. These are the kinds of inescapable tailwinds you want as an investor. From there, he looks for opportunities based on valuation and overall market sentiment. Lastly, he always waits for momentum to be in his favor before investing.

This approach means Brett consistently takes a contrarian approach to investing. And combining that with data-driven analysis leads to fantastic long-term performance.

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