Brian Tycango

Editor and Investment Analyst, Stansberry Churchouse Research

Brian Tycangco is an Editor and Investment Analyst with Stansberry Churchouse Research. He’s been working in the financial world since 1995 and has carved out a reputation as “Master Stock Picker”.

In the first five months 2018 alone, Brian closed out seven positions for an average gain of 133 percent. One of those stocks delivered a 418 percent return — turning every $5,000 invested into $25,900.

Brian has a simple investment philosophy.

“If you want to increase your odds of investment success, invest in well-managed, profitable businesses in growing economies.”

He’s seen just about everything there is to see in these markets, met with the leading CEOs of every industry in Asia, and knows the ins and outs of doing business and making money there.

Brian has his finger on the pulse of what drives the region’s growing middle class, which he says is “a 2,000-horsepower economic engine that has yet to hit full throttle”.

Brian has been a stock broker at a large Asian trading house, an equities analyst for a major European investment bank, as well as editor and chief investment strategist for one of the longest-running Asian investment newsletters in the world.

Every day, he uses his experience and instincts for the Asian markets to give his readers exclusive, high-impact insights on what he sees as the best opportunity to turn Asia’s growth into huge profits.

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