Chris Igou

Editor of DailyWealth Trader

Chris Igou joined Stansberry Research in April 2016. He is the editor of DailyWealth Trader, a daily trading advisory. He also works alongside Brett Eversole on True Wealth SystemsTrue Wealth, and DailyWealth.

Chris received an undergraduate degree in finance from the University of North Florida. He worked at the Bank of New York Mellon before joining Stansberry Research.

In DailyWealth Trader, Chris aims to provide the best short- and medium-term trading ideas for his readers – including how to use low-risk strategies to generate market-beating returns and extra income.

Chris also does crucial research and analysis in our advanced True Wealth Systems service. In addition to the monthly issues, he is a regular contributor to the weekly True Wealth Systems Review of Market Extremes, which highlights important moves across the markets.

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