A 'Not-So-Secret Weapon' in Finance

Episode #276 | September 19, 2022

Episode #276 | September 19, 2022

A 'Not-So-Secret Weapon' in Finance

In This Episode

It has been just over two years since his last Stansberry Investor Hour appearance...

So today, we're honored to have Professor Joel Litman, Altimetry's chief investment strategist and founder, back on the show.

Joel's resume boasts top honors and achievements in finance and education. He's the president and CEO of Valens Research, chair of the Uniform Adjusted Financial Reporting Standards (or "Uniform Accounting") Advisory Council, a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, a certified public accountant, and a board member of a leading brokerage firm in Asia.

He's also a professor at Hult International Business School's top-ranked international MBA program and has taught at business schools worldwide – like Harvard Business School, the London Business School, and Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance.

Joel's uncanny intuition is well-known in the world of finance... He called the 2008 crash and even accurately timed 2020's market bottom. And he starts today's episode by sharing one of his tools for success...

Understanding corporate credit and national country credit is the canary in the coal mine of any major equity bear market in history...

You always see corporate credit crises at the beginning of any massive long-term bear market.

 Each month, Joel and his team apply Uniform Accounting to fix thousands of errors in companies' financial statements. This proprietary analysis gives investors the real story behind a company... and a clearer picture of its true profitability.

Joel's talent and passion for teaching shine as he breaks down the complicated topic of earnings reports' accounting standards. Plus, he and Dan discuss the current state of U.S. corporate credit, searching for the "perfect stock," the future of the dollar, and more.