Crypto You Can't Afford to Miss with Eric Wade

Episode #232 | November 11, 2021

Episode #232 | November 11, 2021

Crypto You Can't Afford to Miss with Eric Wade

In This Episode

With so many Bitcoin holders enjoying huge profits, many are wondering if it’s time to take some money off the table?

 Or hold tight before the final stage of this bull market?

 To settle this debate, Dan invites long-time friend and repeat guest, Eric Wade, back onto the show to take all things Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

 Eric is an early internet entrepreneur, angel investor, screenwriter, and editor of the Crypto Capital.

In a few short years, he’s recommended dozens of 100%+ winners and even ten 1,000%+ winners. He knows more about the crypto space than just about anyone on the planet.

During their conversation, Dan and Eric discuss the big gold vs Bitcoin debate, where Eric sees Bitcoin’s price in the years ahead, and even when’s the right time to sell your stack.

Plus, Eric shared some details on a new project he’s working on, which he plans to reveal on November 17th…

He’ll be talking about the top 6 cryptos his research shows has the highest upside at this stage of the crypto cycle…

 You can get it 100% free of charge just for listening to his event. You can find more details at www.BitcoinBoomEvent.com.

Whether you’ve held Bitcoin for years, or if you’re curious about the opportunity of getting in today, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss.