Focus on These Three Cannabis Stocks Set to Soar

Episode #95 | March 28, 2019

Episode #95 | March 28, 2019

Focus on These Three Cannabis Stocks Set to Soar

In This Episode

In a week in which IPOs are in full bloom – and with them, a $37 billion trap Dan’s warning to avoid – there’s plenty to break down.

From the unprofitable Uber paying $1 billion to buy out a (still more unprofitable) competitor, to the ongoing circus at Tesla, Dan crunches the numbers to explain what’s really going on, and how much longer the facades could sustain themselves.

We have a particularly special guest for this episode – a new name at Stansberry you probably haven’t heard of yet.

Tom Caroll was ranked as the No. 1 health care analyst in America by Fortune, and has twice received the All-Star Analyst Award for excellent stock picking. After spending 17 years as an analyst and Managing Director for Legg Mason and Stifel Financial, Tom took a big risk in leaving that behind to become an angel investor – and now a major player in the medical cannabis space. Now, he’s vetting a handful of opportunities positioned to soar hundreds (if not thousands) of percent as cannabis legalization continues to sweep the globe.

Dan immediately asks Tom what first led him to be so laser-focused on the health care sector, and Tom reveals the surprising figure behind his interest in it since practically his schoolboy days.

After a career spent in large part navigating the sea change of Obamacare and discerning the law’s winners and losers in health care stocks, Tom has a new prediction for 2020 you won’t want to miss – and a warning of what to expect as the “Medicare for All” debate rages.

Most of all – you don’t want to miss the launch of his new Stansberry service, Cannabis Capitalist, with its three stocks listed as urgent buys today, and three special reports on a sector Tom sees as ripe to explode.

It’s 40% of for Stansberry Investor Hour listeners who act today – and as you’ll see, you don’t want to delay.