Giving Investors the Other Side of the Story

Episode #149 | April 9, 2020

In This Episode

The global economy is facing a massive contraction, the U.S. economy is suffering, yet the market has bounced off the March 23 bottom.

Is the recovery already underway? Are we out of the woods yet? The markets haven’t swung this much since October of 2008.

But Dan reminds us that whenever there’s volatility in the markets, there’s great opportunity. Back in 2008, Dan picked one of the biggest winners in Stansberry Research history. It’s all about spotting great businesses that are trading at incredible value.

For this week’s interview, Dan speaks with Mitchel Krause, founder of Otherside Asset Management. Otherside Asset Management is focused on giving investors valuable education on risk management in order to avoid the pitfalls that the vast majority of investors experience.

He discusses his unique investment strategies that reduce your risk and have allowed him to outperform the majority of indexes out there.

Dan and Mitchel discuss the leverage being applied to the system today, and how we’re in unprecedented territory. That’s why Mitchel recommends hedging yourself.

And what about diversification? Is it smart? Are you actually hurting yourself? Mitchel and Dan tackle some commonsense investing ideas and debunk the safety of following the herd.