Jaime Rogozinski

Founder, WallStreet Bets

Jaime Rogozinski founded WallStreetBets in 2012--a large online community that yields a commanding presence in the world of finance. It has been featured in Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch as well as Bloomberg, CNBC, Money Magazine, Forbes, Vice, Business Insider, and Fortune.

He's the Co-founder and CEO of Proventus Consulting, a marketing, public relations, and business development consultancy. He has previously worked at National Services Group, Bask Technology, and Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo.

In 2019, WallStreetBets amassed over 800,000 subscribers and more than 3 million monthly unique visitors. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and is actively involved with tech and startup communities having been a judge for a range of awards including the Entrepreneurs Organization Student Award and Angel Hack, both focused on fostering entrepreneurship.

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