Key Takeaways from the Annual Stansberry Conference

Episode #231 | November 4, 2021

Episode #231 | November 4, 2021

Key Takeaways from the Annual Stansberry Conference

In This Episode

We decided to do something special for podcast listeners this week…

Instead of a standard one-on-one interview like we typically have on the Investor Hour, we’re letting you listen in on an extremely exclusive conversation with some of the world’s most brilliant economic and political commenters.

This is your invitation to listen in to the American Economic Panel Discussion at the Annual Stansberry Conference in Las Vegas. 

Typically, it costs several thousand dollars to attend this event in-person.

But today, you’re getting a slice of the experience 100% free of charge.

The panel is hosted by Buck Sexton, along with some of the most influential and outspoken guests, such as Dr. Ron Paul, Trish Regan, John Tamny, Grant Williams, and our very own Dan Ferris… 

The panel does a deep dive into many of the most pressing questions on many American’s minds, like…

How bad do you see inflation getting?

What kind of political costs could the Biden Administration pay from rising inflation?

What are the implications of the Federal Reserve creating some other version of a Central Bank Digital Currency?

And if you could speak to the current administration and give them some policy advice, what would it be?

 And they don’t sugarcoat things.

The panel gives you the straight facts about the real problems facing our government and the Federal Reserve…

While at the same time, giving listeners tons of practical advice to help ensure you’re prepared for whatever’s next.

 If you’re worried about the direction our country is headed, this is a conversation you CANNOT afford to miss… 

Also,  if you’re interested in hearing more about the Stansberry Conference, including over 60 of the highest conviction investment ideas from our editors, you still have the chance to watch the whole thing at 2021livestream.com