Harris Kupperman
Founder of Praetorian
Harris Kupperman is the founder of Praetorian Capital, a hedge fund focused on using micro trends to guide stock selection. Harris is also the chief adventurer at a website that details his investments and travels. Additionally, Harris is the Chairman and CEO of publicly traded Mongolia Growth Group. Please welcome Harris Kupperman.
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Austin Root
Editor of Stansberry Portfolio Solutions
Austin Root is editor and portfolio manager for the Stansberry Portfolio Solutions products. He is also director of research and director of corporate development for Stansberry Research.
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Dan Ramussen
Founder Verdad Capital
Dan is the Founder of Verdad Capital. Before starting Verdad, Dan worked at Bain Capital and Bridgewater Associates. Dan earned an AB from Harvard College summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is the New York Times bestselling author of American Uprising: The Untold Story of America’s Largest Slave Revolt. In 2017, he was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list.
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Ben Morris
Editor for Daily Wealth Trader
Ben Morris is the editor of DailyWealth Trader (DWT). An avid trader, Ben followed Stansberry Research for years as a subscriber before joining the company in 2012. As editor of DWT, Ben's goal is to provide the best short-term and medium-term trading ideas. For example, he often shows his readers how to use simple options strategies to generate 20%-plus annualized returns on safe blue-chip stocks... And he shows readers how to make low-downside, high-upside speculations in "boom-and-bust" sectors like commodities, biotech, and emerging markets.
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Drew McConnell
Research Analyst for Daily Wealth Trader
Drew McConnell is a Research Analyst for DailyWealth Trader. Drew joined Stansberry Research in 2015. He started his career in the Oil & Gas industry after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his tenure, he worked across the U.S. in Business Development, and Sales and Technical Management roles for Baker Hughes. But his passion has always been in investing and trading... For years, he has actively traded stocks, options, and futures. In DailyWealth Trader, he uses this knowledge to make stock and option trading recommendations and provide analysis on what's moving the markets.
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Mark Dow
Dow Global Advisors
Mark Dow runs Dow Global Advisors and the @BehavioralMacro twitter feed and blog, where he shares his trade ideas and risk management techniques, along with macro commentary. He has more than 20 years of experience as a policy maker, investor, and trader—all of which focused on global macro and emerging markets. He’s known for monetary policy and sovereign debt sustainability analysis.
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David Levine
Founder, Odin River
David is the Founder of Odin River and operates the popular @paranoidbull Twitter account. He has spent his career at top private equity and hedge fund institutions. David is an advisor and investor in numerous startups including Artivest, a successful Fin-Tech company with over 100 employees and ~$3B in AUM, which he helped to found. David was previously a key member of the investment teams at Paulson & Co. and Colony Capital. 
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Joel Litman
President and CEO of Valens Research
Joel Litman is President and CEO of Valens Research, a global corporate performance and investment research and analytics firm. In the role of Chief Investment Strategist, he advises institutional investors in equities, corporate credit, and macroeconomic strategy. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of COL Financial Group, a leading brokerage firm in Asia. Joel has been on CNBC, quoted in Barron’s and Institutional Investor, and interviewed in He has published in Harvard Business Review, is a top contributor to SeekingAlpha, and co-authored the highly-acclaimed book, DRIVEN: Business Strategy, Human Actions, and the Creation of Wealth.
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Nitin Sacheti
Founder and Portfolio Manager of Papyrus Capital
Nitin Sacheti is the Founder and Portfolio Manager of Papyrus Capital, a value-oriented, long/short equity hedge fund. Prior to founding Papyrus, Mr. Sacheti was a Senior Analyst/Principal with Equity Contribution at Charter Bridge Capital where he managed the firm’s investments in the technology, media and telecom sectors as well as select consumer investments.
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Kevin Muir
Author of MacroTourist
The author of the MacroTourist newsletter, Kevin is a former institutional equity derivative trader for a big bank who decided that bank-life wasn’t for him, so proceeded to trade for his own account for a couple of decades before joining his current firm, East West Investment Management where he is the Market Strategist.
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