Michael Mauboussin
Director of Research at BlueMountain Capital Management
Michael J. Mauboussin is Director of Research at BlueMountain Capital Management. Prior to joining BlueMountain, he was Head of Global Financial Strategies at Credit Suisse and Chief Investment Strategist at Legg Mason Capital Management.
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Annie Duke
Author, National Poker Champion
Annie Duke is a World Series of Poker bracelet winner, the winner of the 2004 Tournament of Champions and the only woman to win the NBC National Poker Heads Up Championship. She has authored four books on poker and in 2018 released her first book for general audiences called “Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts,” which is a national bestseller.
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Tim Price
Principal and Founder of Price Value Partners
Tim Price is principal and founder of Price Value Partners, a London-based value-investing-oriented fund established in 2014. The fund seeks to invest in companies of exceptional quality that they believe are trading at a meaningful discount to their inherent value – the Benjamin Graham value approach.
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Chris Pavese
President and Chief Investment Officer of Broyhill Asset Management
Chris is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Broyhill Asset Management and Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of BMC Fund, a registered investment company. He is a CFA Charterholder, Past President of the Board of the CFA Institute’s North Carolina Society.
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Albert-László Barabási
Robert Gray Dodge Professor of Network Science and a Distinguished University Professor at Northeastern University
Albert-László Barabási is the Robert Gray Dodge Professor of Network Science and a Distinguished University Professor at Northeastern University, where he directs the Center for Complex Network Research and holds appointments in the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Central European University in Budapest. A native of Transylvania, Romania, he received his Master’s in Theoretical Physics at the Eötvös University in Budapest, Hungary and Ph.D. at Boston University. Barabasi is the author of Bursts: The Hidden Pattern Behind Everything We Do, Linked: The New Science of Networks He is the author of Network Science and the co-editor of The Structure and Dynamics of Networks and Network Medicine. The titles have been translated into more than 15 different languages. His work has led to many breakthroughs, including the discovery of scale-free networks in, which continues to make him one of the most cited scientists today.
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Rod Collins
Director of Innovation at Optimity Advisors
Rod Collins is the director of innovation at Optimity Advisors. Rod has more than 30 years of experience in management positions of increasing responsibility in the healthcare industry. Rod is an innovative executive leader with sustained success in achieving financial, operational, and market growth objectives in challenging environments. He has extensive experience in serving as a catalyst for positive change and in building highly collaborative organizations.
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Frank Byrd
Founder and CEO of Fielder Capital Group
Frank Byrd is the founder and CEO of Fielder Capital Group LLC, a New York-based investment adviser that manages money for families and institutions. Frank has 25 years experience in the investment business, including 15 years in the hedge fund industry working as a research analyst and portfolio manager. Frank is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder and has an MBA from Columbia Business School.
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Ken Lewis
Ken Lewis is a results-oriented professional with more than 20 years of leadership experience across a broad range of retail and technology organizations, many of which are in the Fortune 500. His strategic and operational changes have resulted in growing both the top and bottom lines of an organization. Mr. Lewis recognizes the importance of taking care of our customers while showing a deep commitment to the development of employees. Mr. Lewis joined APMEX in 2011 as EVP of Operations, followed by two years as Chief Operating Officer.
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Mark Yusko
CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek Capital
Mark Yusko is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management, LLC, a registered investment adviser formed in July 2004 to provide investment management services based on the University Endowment Model of investing to wealthy families, individuals and institutional investors. Morgan Creek currently has $ 1.6 billion in assets under advisement in non-discretionary accounts and discretionary funds.
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Jesse Felder
Author of The Felder Report
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