The Bulls... the Bears... and the B.S.

Episode #283 | November 8, 2022

Episode #283 | November 8, 2022

The Bulls... the Bears... and the B.S.

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We hope you didn't miss us terribly yesterday. But today's candid, no-holds-barred episode featuring Dan Ferris and multiple "guests" is sure to make up for the delay.

You see, we're taking you to Boston in this week's episode...

Last month, your Stansberry Investor Hour host and Extreme Value editor Dan presented at the 20th annual Stansberry Conference alongside dozens of exceptional speakers. And today, he's giving his listeners a special peek into one of the panels he participated in with fellow editors.

This wasn't your typical roundtable discussion... Instead, moderator and Stansberry Research's Director of Research Matt Weinschenk had gathered some of Stansberry's "more outspoken and colorful personalities" for a lively game of "Bull, Bear, or B.S."

Dan is joined by his colleagues: the Retirement franchise's Dr. David "Doc" Eifrig, Crypto Capital and Crypto Cashflow's Eric Wade, and Matt McCall of The McCall Report and Matt McCall's MegaTrend Investor. The four must each choose whether they're bullish or bearish – or calling B.S. – on some of the most controversial topics in finance today.

The game starts off with a bang as the four discuss legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller's belief that inflation can only be tamed by raising the federal-funds rate above the rate of inflation. The only bull among the group, Eric, fiercely states, "Whatever it's going to take, we're going to burn our way out of this."

They also share their viewpoints on the current stock market valuation in terms of the CAPE Shiller P/E (that's cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings) ratio. When asked about their thoughts on venture-capital investing, Matt McCall and Dan find themselves in agreement – a reality that's not as rare as many think. In fact, Dan went on to say...

You'll be surprised to learn that Matt [McCall] and I agree on a whole bunch of stuff. And this is one of them. It makes me bearish... like breathing makes me bearish.

Furthermore, you'll learn which recent Big Tech headline-maker has Doc wryly saying, "Yeah, for me, a letter to the Fed is like a letter to Santa Claus."

You'll also hear each editor's take on the future of the housing market, consumer spending, energy stocks, bitcoin, and the metaverse – including Dan's hot take on well-known companies like gaming pioneer Atari grabbing up virtual real estate...

Can you imagine how much weed they're smoking at Atari to be spending money on virtual real estate? I mean, they're computer programmers, and they're buying virtual real estate.

It's like God buying the planet or something. He can make a new one. It's the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life.

You can also click here to watch a video of the panel on YouTube.