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EPISODE 40 ▪ March 1, 2018
Here's the Secret to Beating Warren Buffett
FEATURING: Richard Smith
Porter and Buck welcome Richard Smith, inventor of TradeStops, the revolutionary software designed to help investors maximize their gains while minimizing risk. Richard tells Porter about his recent analysis of famous investors like Warren Buffett, David Einhorn, and Seth Klarman…and how you can beat them at the investing game. Richard reveals the one thing you can do today to dramatically improve your investment results, without changing any of the stocks you own.
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EPISODE 39 ▪ February 26, 2018
Steve Forbes... Why Gold, Cryptos, and Free Markets Matter
FEATURING: Steve Forbes
Porter and Buck welcome business leader and chairman of Forbes Media, Steve Forbes. They discuss why some Americans have lost the passion for free markets, what's happening on college campuses, and the enormous gap between productivity and stagnant wages. Steve demystifies the real relationship between gold and fiat paper currencies, how interest rate manipulation distorts financial markets, and the one thing that could finally trigger mass adoption of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets.
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EPISODE 38 ▪ February 26, 2018
Government Theft 101, Dinner with Hitler, & the Future of Medicine
FEATURING: Dave Lashmet
Porter talks about the VIX falling out of bed while he was down in Nicaragua last week, and the reactions of Alliance members who were along for the trip at Rancho Santana. Buck prompts Porter on a wild ride covering the moral bankruptcy of fiat money, how US monetary and elected officials have truly "jumped ship" on fiscal responsibility, where interest rates go from here, and the borrow culture of the new America that is making it impossible for millennials to save and build wealth.
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EPISODE 37 ▪ February 1, 2018
Why GE Could Be the Next Enron & How to Fix Corporate America
FEATURING: Dan Denning
Porter reveals why no major media outlet will cover his best-selling book, American Jubilee, which has sold over 50,000 copies in the last few months. Is the dirty math at General Electric about to get a lot worse? Porter has new information about dubious accounting practices used at GE that could potentially put the conglomerate in the same league as Enron. He offers a solution for corporate America that would immediately stop the crazy debt madness and financial shenanigans found at some major public companies.
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EPISODE 36 ▪ January 25, 2018
The Epic Collapse of GE and How the Stock Market Melt Up Ends
FEATURING: Steve Sjuggerud
Porter tells you about what really happened at General Electric (GE) under the reign of Jack Welch and his successors. It's the story of an unholy partnership between big government and big media. A tragedy of paper money, financial speculation and excessive greed. Porter explains what GE has been doing since the mid-90s, and it has nothing to do with lightbulbs, locomotives, or power plants. GE has been involved in a gigantic financial gamble for decades…right under the nose of shareholders. The SEC is now investigating the company's accounting, and Porter explains how GE could easily become the next Enron or Lehman.
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EPISODE 35 ▪ January 19, 2018
The Safest Way to Invest Money
FEATURING: Dan Ferris and John Gillin
Dan Ferris joins the Stansberry Investor Hour to tell you about the safest way to invest your money in the stock market. He and Porter recall the very first idea that launched Dan's Extreme Value newsletter with a classic illustration of value investing which would make Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham proud. Dan shows you why seemingly boring companies can be investments that allow you to sleep well at night, but also have the potential to double or triple your money.
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EPISODE 34 ▪ January 19, 2018
Why Gold Will Beat Bitcoin in 2018
FEATURING: Garrett Gunderson
Porter and Buck are back from holiday break to give you their boldest predictions for 2018. The first one's a doozy for regular Investor Hour listeners as Porter provides granular detail on how the stage is set for gold and other commodities to have a massive stealth bull market this year. Buck asks Porter about the pros and cons of owning physical gold bullion versus gold stocks. You'll also hear Porter reveal the one gold stock he favors that gives you some of gold's benefits, without owning a single ounce of the precious metal.
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EPISODE 33 ▪ January 16, 2018
How to Start a Financial Revolution – The Best of Bitcoin, Part 2
FEATURING: Dennis Gartman, Doug Casey and Jim Rogers
In part 2 of the Best of Bitcoin, you’ll hear from legendary investor Jim Rogers as he gives you his take on cryptos and what he sees as some the biggest obstacles to Bitcoin adoption and acceptance as a store of value. Financial publisher and commodities expert Dennis Gartman talks with Porter about how we’ll remember “Bitcoin Mania 2017” once it all goes bust, and Doug Casey draws a connection between the enormous growth in global outstanding debt and the exuberant interest in crypto assets.
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EPISODE 32 ▪ December 28, 2017
How and Why Bitcoin Will Go Mainstream – The Best of Bitcoin, Part 1
FEATURING: David Tice, Paul Vigna and Tama Churchouse
There's little doubt that one topic dominated financial headlines in 2017…and it took most investors by complete surprise. Bitcoin's parabolic rise from $997 on January 1, 2017 to almost $20,000 has been nothing short of spectacular.
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EPISODE 31 ▪ December 21, 2017
A Profitless Economy. Will Trump Finish His Term?
FEATURING: David Stockman
Porter and Buck have an in-depth interview with David Stockman, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under Ronald Regan from 1981 to 1985. Porter and David discuss the alarming growth in consumer debt and the broken link between productivity and wages that's been out-of-whack in the American economy for over 30 years. Stockman reveals why productivity is faltering and how CEOs of America have become dangerous financial engineers that could lead to a new type of profitless economy and massive distortions in the world's markets.
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EPISODE 30 ▪ December 18, 2017
Worries of a Crypto-Crash, Doug Casey, & the Story of a Drug Lord
Porter continues his discussion from last week on the risks facing Bitcoin and the entire crypto market. How far behind the curve are investors, businesses, and governments? How many people will be hurt when Bitcoin finally comes back down to earth? Porter tells you why he thinks Bitcoin mania can go on for much longer than you ever think possible, and how an eventual crypto-crash could have a profound impact on our economy and society over time.
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EPISODE 29 ▪ December 11, 2017
Porter's Bitcoin Warning and a Bet Against Warren Buffett
FEATURING: Grover Norquist
Porter gives you his latest thoughts and a stern warning on Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency briefly passes $17,000. Buck welcomes Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform to help you understand exactly what's happening with the current tax reform bill in the House and Senate, and what it could potentially mean for investors, businesses, and individuals. Porter and Buck talk about Saudi Arabia and the historical reality that it's radical belief system, brutal governing tactics, and addiction to oil money will lead to a troubling civil war.
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EPISODE 28 ▪ December 4, 2017
Here's Why Bitcoin's Market-Cap Could Easily Reach Trillions
FEATURING: Tama Churchouse
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency expert Tama Churchouse calls in from Singapore to answer the big question of, "how high can Bitcoin really go?" Tama teaches you a new way to value the digital currency invention of Satoshi Nakamoto and exactly how cryptos function as a transfer of economic value. Buck learns how anyone can download every transaction ever made with Bitcoin and why it's massively secure. Tama reveals the three layers of crypto-assets you need to understand to realize why we are in the very early stages of financial and business disruption resulting from Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
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EPISODE 27 ▪ November 28, 2017
James Damore – Inside Google's Ideological Echo Chamber, Outrage Culture, and Deep State Media Scandals
Porter and Buck welcome James Damore, the ex-Google engineer and author of the viral internal company memo Google's Ideological Echo Chamber. Why did Damore get fired for questioning progressive workplace diversity practices applied to hiring and promotion? Hear Porter tell you what really caught his attention while reading Damore's memo, and what he thinks led us to the current lose-lose state of gender and race politics in business. Has discrimination become the new office inclusion policy in America?
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EPISODE 26 ▪ November 28, 2017
The Escher Economy and a World of Pure Imagination with Grant Williams
FEATURING: Grant Williams
Porter's back from Nicaragua and he's growing more and more concerned about corporate and consumer debt. In our current "Escher Economy" it's hard to distinguish which way is up and which way is down. The underlying balance sheet of the US consumer is in big trouble and Porter tells listeners that the likely outcome could lead to big changes at America's ballot box in 2020.
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EPISODE 25 ▪ November 15, 2017
The Myth of Artificial Intelligence, Manning Up, and a Trip to Nicaragua
FEATURING: Bedros Keuilian and Kenneth Cukier
Porter reports on Rancho Santana – the Nicaraguan development started by Bill Bonner and Agora over 20 years ago that has turned into a world-class boutique resort featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Travel & Leisure, and Bloomberg.  Why are investors and retirees so interested in this part of Central America? Porter and his special guest from Rancho reveal why Nicaragua is finally getting noticed as a place to vacation, invest, and live full-time.
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EPISODE 24 ▪ November 6, 2017
Jim Rogers Unplugged on Gold, Debt Jubilee, & Bitcoin
Porter and Buck welcome investing legend and best-selling author Jim Rogers for an exclusive extended interview. Jim calls in from Singapore to tell you about the first time he met Porter 20 years ago, his latest thoughts on gold, and what he sees as the "first shoe to drop" in a debt jubilee scenario. Porter asks Jim about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the advanced adoption of digital payments in Asia. Jim reveals that he regrets not buying any bitcoin, and you'll be surprised at what he thinks governments could do with cryptos. Porter asks Jim if he had to invest all his money in one type of asset, what would it be?
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EPISODE 23 ▪ October 30, 2017
The Secret Bailout of GE, the Implosion of Trump, & Guest Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank
FEATURING: Kevin O'Leary
Porter's been a giant critic of General Electric for almost a decade. But is he changing his tune with the new massive disruption taking place at the longest standing company in the Dow 30? Porter wonders what kind of POTUS Trump could have been if he were only able to escape his own "negative charisma." Buck explains the connection between the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, and the recently released Trump-Russian Dossier.
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EPISODE 22 ▪ October 26, 2017
Radical Financial Transparency
FEATURING: Tama Churchouse
Buck's live in the Baltimore studio for the first time and Porter's back from the Grant's Conference in New York with a report on what the big money on Wall Street is thinking right now. Turns out Porter's not the only one who sees a global debt "jubilee" on the horizon. Porter reveals the first country that may start the trend of massive debt forgiveness, and how it could easily spread to the US.
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EPISODE 21 ▪ October 16, 2017
Here's Why Wal-Mart Can Beat Amazon… And How to Profit from IPOs
FEATURING: Dan Ferris, P.J. O'Rourke and Turney Duff
This week it's an American Consequences takeover on the Stansberry Investor Hour. Guest Co-host and Chief Editor of American Consequences magazine, PJ O'Rourke, sits in with Buck to welcome Senior Editor of Extreme Value Dan Ferris, and author Turney Duff of the best-selling Wall Street expose', The Buy Side.
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